the reject.

as life changes,

dealing with obstacles that are the strangest,

feelings remain in spite of pain,

tears that fall get mistaken for rain;

on these days of stormy nights,

still the stars that are shinning bright,

reveal to ignite, the flames that remain;

no matter of the estrange,

i recall to saying ur name;

within the seams of my heart,

these lucid dreams that never part,

in knowing;

the love i had from the start,

now showing;

however with no love to claim,

keeps growing;

reaching out in need to be direct,

in aspect of the secrets that be kept,

within me;

the one who wasn’t so friendly;

and to no avail

left feelings to wish me well;

within the exchange,

left the seams to me marked derange;

redirected to life in spite,

as it continues to change;

and to the despite,

still thinking of ur name.


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