a writing formed on the thought of being set, up to the present date, who would’ve known a person that expressed so much love for u would be filled with so much hate, a feud that i have no option to be apart of again; one that started within my family from way back when;... Continue Reading →

march 18th 2019;6:52pm

i dont know much of anything except the regret i feel when i try to climb again and again uphill reaching for what cant be mine my conscious speaks and says im wasting my time i’ve been in this boat now for weeks on an for months tryna settle in uncomfortable to the situation that... Continue Reading →

heart felt;

i felt it leave me, the same day the words left me. the link that held the flame seemed to change, so suddenly. i sat for a moment as the world shifted. darkness of the past seemed to pull the tide as the world lifted. a sickness came over me as anxiety started to rush... Continue Reading →

karma’s cold frame;

fooled by a selfish tool that gardened a bed of lies buried beneath a tree that shadowed a cast of guise watered with fear in grout left part of the to demise in the anguish buried by a love known as the strangest poisoned, by the hate of the sap caught, by the weeding entrap... Continue Reading →

mind love

u made love to my mind the best sex love could ever find with no touch to the body true love u have embodied; passionately igniting the flame left a name to be proclaimed. --koloured;ti

the reject.

as life changes, dealing with obstacles that are the strangest, feelings remain in spite of pain, tears that fall get mistaken for rain; on these days of stormy nights, still the stars that are shinning bright, reveal to ignite, the flames that remain; no matter of the estrange, i recall to saying ur name; within... Continue Reading →

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