heart felt;

i felt it leave me, the same day the words left me. the link that held the flame seemed to change, so suddenly. i sat for a moment as the world shifted. darkness of the past seemed to pull the tide as the world lifted. a sickness came over me as anxiety started to rush... Continue Reading →


karma’s cold frame;

fooled by a selfish tool that gardened a bed of lies buried beneath a tree that shadowed a cast of guise watered with fear in grout left part of the to demise in the anguish buried by a love known as the strangest poisoned, by the hate of the sap caught, by the weeding entrap... Continue Reading →

mind love

u made love to my mind the best sex love could ever find with no touch to the body true love u have embodied; passionately igniting the flame left a name to be proclaimed. --koloured;ti

the reject.

as life changes, dealing with obstacles that are the strangest, feelings remain in spite of pain, tears that fall get mistaken for rain; on these days of stormy nights, still the stars that are shinning bright, reveal to ignite, the flames that remain; no matter of the estrange, i recall to saying ur name; within... Continue Reading →

writers block

a blank page, i stare at it as it sits dull & lifeless no body of text no narrative or heading just a page thats reads, nothing; no expression, until i look within and then lift my pen to create a page that reads; nothing. a blank is drawn again.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I was inspired by some very influential artist/writers to voice my emotion through poetry and writing in general. I love art so you may see a little bit of everything here. I've started off on IG & now I'm here hoping to be an inspiration to others just as they were... Continue Reading →

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